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Board retreats

Jim Carroll has experience in working with both corporate and not-for-profit boards as they undertake one of their key roles: guidance and oversight on the key strategic direction of the organization.  He can provide a highly interactive session that provides for deliberation and debate around a very customized Board agenda.


Jim Carroll is a recent graduate of the prestigious University of Toronto – Rotman School of Management Director’s Education Program. It involved an intense 12 day executive level education program that focuses on corporate governance issues, the role of the Board in today’s complex world, and current and evolving board issues. Combine that with Jim’s role as one of the world’s leading international futurist, trends & innovation experts, and you have someone who can deliver the concise, critical insight that a Board needs during a strategic assessment session. Oh, and an unknown secret — Jim’s original career background is as a CPA – Chartered Professional Accountant with predecessor firms of Ernst & Young & KPMG!

Combine those 3 capabilities, and you’ve got the opportunity for a Board strategy session based on trends & innovation rocket fuel!

For over two decades, Jim Carroll has been providing his clients with:

  • unique, detailed, customized insight into workplace, business, economic, current events, social and cultural trends, as well as into demographic, lifestyle and technology issues, based on highly original research.
  • insight as to how these organizations can become more competitive, innovative and adaptable, and that are open to the opportunities of the future

At a board retreat, Jim can provide specific, concrete guidance on the the key management and innovation strategies that should be pursued to ensure that the activities of the organization are closely aligned with significant future trends.

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