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Custom video production

Deloitte South Africa engaged Jim to film a custom video for their annual “Best Companies to Work For” Awards presentation. The result was a stunning, fast paced video focused on their key themes!

If it’s not possible to bring Jim in because of a scheduling conflict, you can always do the next best thing — arrange for a customized video keynote featuring Jim! What’s involved? You provide the production and video edit team — and Jim provides his detailed, customized insight!

A great example from August 2014: The CEO of Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) engaged Jim for production of a video that he would use on stage as part of the opening of a big energy conference. The goal was to get across the seismic changes occurring in the energy industry. Here’s the result — “could the energy industry be MP3’d?”

It’s a provocative little film clip that I filmed with TAG Productions in San Francisco in August — we took a half day to shoot and get some basic material down, and then they worked their magic to make a magical video!

Another great example: Deloitte South Africa was extremely interested in bringing Jim in to host their annual 2010 “Best Company to Work For in South Africa” awards presentation, but Jim was unavailable due to a prior commitment.

Jim worked with his production partner, Riverbank Pictures, to prepare a 15 minute customized video, based on the theme, “What Do World Class Innovators Do That Others Don’t Do?”, which helped to set a tone of challenge and opportunity for those attending the annual awards presentation.

Riverbank Pictures has been a film, TV and online film production company for over ten years, undertaking work for Disney, GMC, the Outdoor Life Network, Peace Arch Entertainment among many others. The principal producer, David Mitchell, is an award winning producer and camera man, and has worked on countless feature films, television shows, corporate videos and reality TV shows. Riverbank Pictures is currently producing the Shreducation reality show on behalf of Disney XD. You can learn more about Riverbank Pictures here.

If you are interested in exploring the option of a customized video keynote and in doing something unique for your next corporate event, feel free to contact Jim for details.

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