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Strategic Insight

What do innovative organizations do that others don’t do? What is it that makes innovative organizations tick? How do they grow in down markets? How do they thrive through disruptive innovation?

Business Week recently named Jim Carroll as one of four leading sources for insight on innovation and creativity. That’s why, if you have a unique business, market, sales team, customer or other type of key strategic issue that you need to address — you’ve come to the right place!

Jim has well over twenty years of experience in studying what makes companies relentlessly creative, and how they ride critical trends in order to achieve success. He combines this deep experiential insight with over a decade of prior experience as a consultant, professional accountant and business advisor with Ernst & Young, and KPMG.

Based on his deep insight, he prepares unique, highly customized presentations or workshops that speak directly to your needs, within the broad themes of innovation, creativity, trends and change.

More than 30 of the world’s largest and most prestigious speakers bureaus, based in New York, London, Washington, and Sydney, Australia, have booked Jim Carroll into their client base over the last fifteen years, including such global powerhouses as the Washington Speakers Bureau, Premiere Speakers, and the Harry Walker Agency.

Jim’s experience is diverse and encompassing. In the last few months, he’s been addressing issues such as: Re-aligning strategy for new economic realities; Hyper-innovation; Globalization; Rapid market change and open innovation; The skills crisis; Shortened product life-cycles; The future of health care; Avoiding commoditization; Manufacturing agility; Operational excellence; Creating high performance, change oriented teams.

There are a lot of business gurus who will give you a “canned presentation.” That’s what you won’t get from Jim Carroll– you’ll get something that is directly related to what is relevant to you right now, based on real research and unique insight.

His track record says it all:

  • a proven ability to combine thought leadership with deep insight into the practical issues associated with implementing strategic decisions
  • an established track record in predicting future business trends; insight is grounded in reality; highly regarded for his unique blend of a practical viewpoint combined with operational insight
  • highly respected for his ability to continuously revisit long- and short-term business decisions based on a changing environment, with a proven ability of being able to determine “non faddish” key trends, and how a business should plan for them
  • well known for his critical thinking and business-oriented view of issues related to emerging technologies, business models, workplace issues and organization culture
  • widely respected for his integrity, with a well-established reputation for providing honest and impartial consulting guidance to organizations.

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