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Leadership Meetings

Take a look at this PDF for a few examples of the CEO / Leadership meetings that Jim has hosted.

While Jim often speaks to audiences of 500 to 5,000, he also often works with CEO’s and other senior management teams in small, leadership oriented events, providing a key message on the necessity for innovation in the high velocity economy.

Great companies establish high velocity leadership, so they are prepared for the rapid economic, market and industry change that surrounds them.  Jim services are often retained by the CEO or other senior management representatives in order to provide a presentation that will help to shape the strategic direction of the organization.

Grab the High Velocity Leadership document

Some of his recent clients for such leadership meetings include the National Australian Bank; Diners Club; General Dynamics / Northrop Grumman ; Rockwell Collins; Disney, Pearson PLC, Motorola, Nestle,……..

In these leadership sessions, Jim covers specific trends, challenges and opportunities, and can lead an interactive discussion that addresses a variety of issues, including:

  • establishing forward-oriented leadership skills
  • shifting your culture from fearing threat to capitalizing on opportunity
  • promoting innovation, flexibility and adaptability
  • establishing an innovation culture based on creativity, curiosity, courage, collaboration and change-awareness
  • encouraging a certainty culture in the presence of rapid change.

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