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Booking Jim Carroll

Thank you for your inquiry! Jim will get back to you personally as soon as possible.

This page contains information that might be helpful to your inquiry: in particular, information on his fees, and an overview of some recent keynotes. The key thing: it takes an investment to bring Jim in.

Here’s the key thing: some speakers/experts give short shrift to your event – they’ll deliver canned content, with little customization, and will take your fee and run. Their focus is on their message, not yours.

That’s not Jim Carroll.

Lets start with the most important thing you need to know: by working with Jim, you will get a highly customized keynote, presentation or workshop that meets your needs. Watch these short video clips on your working relationship with Jim.

Jim takes on a limited number of events and meetings per year. He’s a big believer that the quality of the work is far more important than quantity, and hence has a fee structure that allows him to undertake the detailed research and planning for your event.

Feel free to contact him to discuss your potential requirements.

Keynote Fee (All fees are in USD, except where noted)

Fees are for a keynote. 1/2 day and full day fees involving workshops/seminars will be provided upon request.

A flat fee for air travel will apply to all engagements, and will be provided on request.

United States- $25,000

Canada – $20,000

United Kingdom – $25,000 to 30,000. Jim will provide a customized quote upon request.

Europe – $30,000 to $60,000.  Jim will provide a customized quote upon request.

Middle East / Asia / Pacific – $35,000 to $60,000. Jim will provide a customized quote upon request.


Jim makes all of his travel arrangements, and will not use the services of your corporate travel department. He will provide you a quote for airfare based on your location and logistics.

You are responsible for arranging ground transportation and hotel in host city.

Contracting process

Jim’s office will initiate and manage the contracting process, based upon a simple, 4 page performance oriented contract. We can provide a draft copy of our standard contract upon request.

Note: Fortune 500 organizations have been notorious for coming back with 25 page contract addendums. We do not modify our contract terms.  Be prepared to work within that context.

Custom video

Would you find it helpful to have a custom, 2-3 minute promotional video for your event! Jim can easily get one  done for you — he’ll put together a great little customized clip at no additional charge, except for a small production fee of $1,000US  that goes to cover the cost of his external video producer. (Paid by credit card, separate from the speaking engagement fee.)

Check the clips below, and let Jim know if you are interested in exploring this option!

Blog posts/other teaser information

Jim will work with you as part of the booking to write a custom blog post(s), session description, and other information that is helpful in promoting and building awareness of your event, as part of the overall fee. And if the logistics/timing work, he can do an onsite interview before or after his keynote. Talk to him about details so you can properly explore this option.

Speaker Bureau Relationships

Jim has a close business relationship with dozens of speakers bureaus worldwide who introduce him to their client base.

  • if you found Jim via such a bureau, let’s make sure to keep them involved – he respects his business relationships! Keep in mind that whether you contract for Jim directly or through the bureau by which you found him, it will make no difference to the fee structure.
  • if you found Jim via Google or other search methods, then it’s easy to work directly…

Track record

You should understand the nature of the events that Jim takes on. While the investment can be substantial, his insight provides a powerful return on investment. Below you will find details on some of the events Jim has recently undertaken.


Here’s a picture from when I was on stage for an event in London, England, last month. Never mind that with jet lag, it was the equivalent of 3:30AM in the morning for me.

I’m on, I’m wired, I’m inspired – that’s what I do!

Here’s an overview of what I’ve been up to for the first two months of the year!

Omnitracs Outlook 2017, Phoenix, Arizona – Trucking Keynote

This is a software and logistics company in the fast moving trucking industry – my keynote was all about the future of autonomous trucks, bio-connected driver monitoring, the fast change occurring in the logistics/supply chain industry and more. There’s a blog post about it here. I’ll have another! I’m doing more and more in the automative/trucking, and general transportation space – to such a degree, I’ve rolled out a separate keynote description: Accelerating the Auto and Trucking Industry in the Era of Self-Driving Vehicles.

United Suppliers Technology Exchange – New Orleans, Louisiana, Agricultural keynote

For this event I had about 300 farmers in the room — and truth be told, I love working with these folks. Farmers are some of the most innovative people I know — they are open to new ideas, the exploration of new technologies; they are constantly in search of new methodologies and so much more. It’s a theme I capture in the agriculture section of my Web site; in particular, read the post Two Types of Farmers. I’ve got a separate keynote description for my agricultural talks : Big Trends in Agriculture: What Will the World’s Oldest Profession Look Like in 2025?

Commscope, Dallas, Texas – The Future of Technology

This company is a long time pioneer in the world of telecom and hi-tech. They know everything is changing with hyperconnectivty, the Internet of Things, massive acceleration in product innovation and product lifecyles, constant growth as every company becomes a software company, and as Moore’s law rules everything from healthcare to agriculture, cars and trucks to every other industry! (That’s a long sentence — and while it might be breathtaking, so is the speed of change). Who better to help them make sense of a future in which the future belongs to those who are fast? (Hint: Me!)

American Financial Services Association – New Orleans – Automotive keynote

Again, in New Orleans — in this case, the finance/leasing end of the automotive industry, including financing companies and the dealer network. So much change in terms of business models in this sector: what’s the future of the financing of car purchasing, in an era in when people might not even buy cars anymore as the sharing economy takes hold? Not to mention the fact that the very essence of the vehicle is changing as innovation speeds up, the dashboard goes out of date faster, and the resale value changes quicker! Don’t forget – the very nature of what we consider a car is changing as companies like Tesla come to redefine the industry!

Pladis – Godiva Chocolates, McVities Biscuits Ulker – Keynote on the Future of Food & Retail, London, England

This was a huge amount of fun! I love overseas trips! And what an organization — Pladis is new, with three separate, distinct brands coming together with a focus on future opportunities. My keynote covered trends in fast-changing retail, consumer behaviour, store infrastructure, brand promotion and more. It must have gone well — since Godiva is having me back for a separate supply chain event in Ghent, Belgium in May!

Scotiabank, Toronto, Canada – Future of Banking/Financial Services Keynote

More disruption — business models, the rapid evolution of technology, new competitors with PayPal, Google and Apple. Just what is a bank anymore, and who is it? What do they do in terms of innovation with fast changing expectations, business model disruption, the relentless impact of mobile, the rapid acceleration of innovation from every perspective? Whatever the case may be, agility needs to be the core focus going forward — and that was the overall message within my keynote, which took a deep look at the trends sweeping this industry.

Alberici Group, St, Louis, Missouri – The Future of Architecture and Construction

This was a smaller conference than the others, but equally important! It was a leadership meeting for this major American construction company. My keynote kicked off the event, and covered issues around the rapid emergence of new construction methodologies, new materials and design concepts, fast paced architectural trends, the acceleration of skills and knowledge. This keynote came on the heels of a talk I did in the fall on the same type of issues for the American Concrete Institute – read more here. One of my key goals – get them aligned to the trends in their industry, rather than shying away from them.

Whirlpool, Chicago, Illinois – Future Impact of Internet of Things (#IoT)

This is a company that is making a transition from being a company that sells appliances, to being a computer company that happens to sell hi-tech within appliances. The industry is speeding up as Moore’s law comes to take hold; the value proposition changes with the service-ification (Yup, I made that word up) of business models, and as big device architecture issues come into play. I’m doing a LOT of talks around the Internet of Things — and its nice to see that a senior leadership team in the forefront of what is happening here chose me to come in and share key insight on what’s next.


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