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Global Experience

Jim Carroll has *extensive* global experience. He has regularly worked with international audiences  – he is respectful in his timing, works well with translation teams, and provides extensive regional or localized content.

Here’s the critical background on the international work that Jim does:

  • global audiences. He has done a LOT of international work; he’s presented in Dubai, Sao Paolo, Budapest, Munich, Athens, Stuttgart, Prague, London, Paris, Brussels, Ghent, Stockholm, Zurich, Tokyo, Mexico …. and in all of these situations, have ensured that he has slowed my pace to be respectful of the audience.
  • simultaneous translation. Many of these events have featured onsite translation through headsets; Jim has regularly done sessions that feature simultaneous translation, and knows the criticality of sharing the deck in advance with the translation team
  • advance translation planning. In some cases,  he has done a Skype or Google Hangout walkthrough with the translation team of his slide deck, so that they are comfortable with the content and direction
  • a long track record with stage translation.Based in Canada and on stage for 25 years. Given that, his earlier years featured several hundred (!) events that have involved simultaneous translation (English/French) with headsets/translations. It’s just a thing in Canada!
  • sequential translation experience! His Budapest event actually featured sequential translation into Hungarian as opposed to simultaneous translation.

There are many relevant examples of the international work Jim hase done; here are just a few.

  • he just keynoted Nikon’s 100th anniversary dinner in Tokyo, with an audience from 37 countries. He provided my slide deck in advance to the translation team; he was simultaneously translated into Chinese and Japanese.
  • he recently keynoted the first leadership meeting for Ulker; the parent company is Turkish, and the meeting represented the entities of the corporate group with the leadership team for Godiva Chocolates (Belgium), Ulker Biscuits (Turkey) and McVitie’s Biscuits (UK),  but with individuals from each of those 3 groups from around the world; a secondary booking had jim with Godiva’s global supply chain team from 25 countries. Both massively global audiences.
  • Accenture had Jim speak at their annual energy conference in San Francisco, with utility executives from China, Japan, Russia, Philippines, India, and 26 other countries. In that case, Jim was simultaneously translated into Russian, Chinese, Spanish and Japanese!
  • his keynote for the Worldskills conference in Sao Paolo featured simultaneous translation into Portuguese and Spanish.

In addition to speaking internationally, Jim often speaks at Fortune 500 events that feature a leadership team from around the world. Some recent examples are global leadership meetings for Dow Chemical in Wilmington (2 events) with individuals from 57 countries; Disney (27 countries); and dozens, dozens more.

The other question that often comes up has to do with regional content, as in European/Asian/MidEast specific examples/storylines. Can hecustomize my content so that it doesn’t include just American examples?

It’s not the cover of the Rolling Stone, but I was once featured on the cover of CEO Magazine Hungary. The only speech where I had armed guards in the room with Uzis! But that’s another story for another time!

The answer is yes. Many of the client bookings above have involved a necessity where his examples include global, not North American centric examples. Jim is regularly booked and works with content that is specific to the folks in the room. And so hisy Godiva Chocolate supply chain event included retail trends from Asia, India, the Middle East. His Dow Chemical talk took a look at global trends with examples for many of the different groups in the room.

The fact is, Jim does *extensive* research as a part of his talk, and regionalization is part of what he brings to the table.

Jim works hard to alleviate the concerns of any clients who book him, and this includes translation and internationalization.

So – pick up the phone and call Jim now. Let’s chat!

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