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The Lion’s Den

Jim Carroll’s wrote his first book – when he was 15 years old!

It was 1975. The Cold War was still a factor; kids lived in fear of ICBM’s and nuclear weapons.

And his grade 11 class was starting a term on poetry. Not a terribly appealing idea for a kid of 15 who was bursting with innovation and creativity. And so he made a deal with his teacher — he’d take the time away from class, and instead, would write a full lengthy novel.

The teacher let him do it, probably thinking that he’d ended up failing the guy. Yet Jim walked in the last day, and popped down the manuscript – a book called The Lion’s Den.

The book itself reflects the mindset of the times — as Jim noted in one article he wrote about it a few years ago, ”it’s a US – Soviet – China cold war style thriller that involved a global crisis ; there were nuclear explosions, fascinating spies, geopolitical maneuvering, and yes, even a sex scene!”

Not a bad effort for a 15 year old kid.

Christmas morning, 2011, Jim’s family gave him a fully formatted manuscript – keyed in from the original manuscript which he pounded away at a typewriter way back in 1985.

The manuscript is in formatting. With a cover designed by his son Willie Carroll, the hope is to have it in print on Jim is still working on a light edit, but will mostly leave the book as it was written, long ago, in 1975!

Stay tuned!

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