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Trends, innovation and creativity insight from Jim Carroll

Coming in the 2nd quarter of 2018 : Jim’s latest book, Think Big, Start Small, Scale Fast : Stories from the Stage on Innovation, Disruption and the Accelerating Future. The book captures the unique insight and guidance that he has developed from 25 years of speaking too and appearing on stage around the world.

In addition this new book, Jim has authored many other books, including these three:

If you like the insight found on Jim Carroll’s blog, grab a copy of “The Future Belongs To Those Who Are Fast” — it features the best of the insight from JimCarroll.com. With over 1,000 blog entries, there’s a wealth of information throughout the blog. This book allows you to access the best of this insight in a quick and easy way!

If you are trying to deal with today’s fast paced economic change — you need a copy of “Ready, Set, Done: How to Innovate When Faster is the New Fast.” It will help you to think differently about your current strategy, goals, opportunities and methods of innovating.

If you want a little deeper insight into innovation methodologies, grab a copy of “What I Learned From Frogs in Texas: Saving Your Skin With Forward Thinking Innovation.”

The Future Belongs To Those Who Are Fast
The Best of the Insight from JimCarroll.com

We live in a period of time in which change is happening faster than ever before. Success will come to those who innovate, change and adapt!

The Future Belongs to Those Who are Fast features the best of the insight from Jim Carroll’s blog, in which he covers issues related to creativity, innovation and future trends.

Notes Jim in the introduction to the book: “What I have learned over time, regardless of the industry or group, is that the pace of change that we have seen in the last few years is not going to slow down – the future does truly belong to those who are fast.

The future doesn’t belong to those who have owned a market place because of their history. Past success doesn’t guarantee a future of winning. Resting on ones laurels is perhaps the best method to place yourself at the greatest risk in the future.

We live in a world in which business models evolve at a furious pace. In which customers are demanding and expecting new forms of interaction. In which technology and mobile devices are changing industries at a furious pace. Everywhere you look, you witness rates of change and innovation which are accelerating, not slowing down.

That leads to an undeniable fact – it will be the ability of an individual, a leader, and an organization to keep up with fast paced change that will increasingly define their potential for future success.

Back in 2002 when blogs became part of the online world, I decided to start documenting some of my observations on trends, innovation and creative thinking from my various keynotes onto my own blog, which I maintain at JimCarroll.com. At this point, there are almost a thousand entries, but there are a few that seem to resonate with people more than others, hence this book.

I have taken what I think are some of the most popular, relevant and useful observations from the blog and combined them into this book, The Future Belongs to Those Who Are Fast. My intent was to provide an easy way to discover some of what I have learned through what has become a truly remarkable job.

Ready, Set, Done:
How to innovate when faster is the new fast

“Forget about the concept of innovation as simply involving the design of cool new products. In the high-velocity economy, where faster is the new fast, it’s your ability to adapt, change, and evolve, through a constant flood of new ideas, that will define your potential for success.”

If you are trying to figure out how to deal with the faster world that surrounds you, then you need this book. Think about it: the high velocity global economy of today drives rapid consumer, business, industrial and marketplace change.

The fast paced world around us is relentless and unforgiving. It drives increased customer and business partner expectations, requires faster innovation, and necessitates a faster more complex response to rapidly changing circumstances.
That’s why you need to learn how to innovate when faster is the new fast – by getting into a mindset where you’re prepared to figure out a solution to a problem, almost before you know you have a problem.

Ready, Set, Done: How to Innovate When Faster is the New Fast provides unique insight into how to innovate when faster is the new fast

  • Velocity: you’ll understand the rapid change that increasingly drives our world, and why it’s critical to constantly innovate in order to keep ahead
  • Agility: You’ll learn how organizations ensuring they can respond to fast-changing circumstances
  • Innovation: you’ll gain insight into how innovation can apply to everything you do, every day
  • Activity: you’ll learn what you should start doing now to elevate the importance of your innovation efforts.

Ready, Set, Done : How to Innovate When Faster is the New Fast is a timely book – it captures the rapidity that is found in our world today, whether it be rapidly shifting business models, technological change, the rapid advancement of science, the emergence of new competitors, and rapidly evolving professional skills and knowledge.

The book takes a look at the concept of innovation in a new, and well, innovative way, in that it helps you understand how to link your innovation efforts to the high velocity change that surrounds you. It examines the concept of agility: how organizations can ensure they structure themselves to take advantage of and respond to fast-changing circumstances. It builds upon that message, by examining some of the key innovation success strategies that you should be thinking about.

Sprinkled throughout the book are various observations that I have made, of some of the innovative practices I’ve seen with various organizations, large and small. When you’ve been looking for innovative stories for close to a decade, you discover quite a bit of wonderful insight.

The book will provide you the inspiration to adapt and change in order to keep up with high velocity change. It will also open up the minds of your staff as to the need for day to day transformation in what they do, how they do it, and why they do it. And it will frame the issue of innovation for you in a new and critical way.

What I learned from frogs in Texas

From the Opening Chapter

Forget about the concept of innovation as simply involving the design of cool new products. In the high-velocity economy, where faster is the new fast, it’s your ability to adapt, change, and evolve, through a constant flood of new ideas, that will define your potential for success.

If they don’t get off that road, there is going to be a big problem and it’s going to be ugly!” With that quirky observation of a group of frogs in Texas, Jim Carroll captures the essence of the challenges faced by organizations today.

We live in an era of unprecedented and relentless change. The emergence of China as a superpower; hyper-innovation and business market turmoil; constant career change and rapid scientific advances. Competition is changing over-night, and product life cycles often last for just a few months. Permanence has been torn asunder. We are in a time that demands a new agility and flexibility: leaders must have the skill and insight to prepare for a future that is rushing at them faster than ever before.

Jim Carroll provides concrete guidance on how to turn challenges into opportunity

  • Anticipate future trends that will impact you
  • Move from a culture of indecision to one that is forward thinking and decisive
  • Instill an innovative culture within your organization
  • Develop key leadership skills for the future
  • View change as an opportunity to pursue not as a threat to be feared


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