Daily Inspiration: Forward Oriented Organizations – “You’ll never know how to unlock your true potential if you don’t know how to unlock tomorrow!”

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“You’ll never know how to unlock your true potential if you don’t know how to unlock tomorrow!” – Futurist Jim Carroll

Let me pause for a brief bit of promo material.

It’s a new keynote topic I rolled out for a client that booked me a few weeks ago. In the exploratory calls with them, it became evident that they were less focused on understanding the trends that might impact them and more needing to understand the implications of trends they were already aware of, and how to implement them. With that in mind, I pulled together a new keynote topic that has already drawn the interest of some others – Unlocking Tomorrow: How to Get To Your Future, Faster.

In the lead-in, I state the obvious:

Companies that do not yet exist will build products not yet conceived using materials not yet invented with methodologies not yet imagined. Will you be part of this tomorrow, today?”

That’s the mindset that Futurist Jim Carroll brings to this fast-moving, insight-rich keynote that will leave you inspired to get to your future, faster.

Imagine if you could accelerate your way into the future, by clearly aligning future trends, your strategic thinking, and your internal engine of creativity. That‘s the insight that Futurist Jim Carroll
shares in this keynote.

It goes on:

This leadership keynote will help you to:

See Disruptive Trends: understand the trends that will impact you in the near and longer-term

Focus on Opportunity: you will achieve clarity on the trends that matter

Align to Disruption: you will shift your thinking to the actions that matter

Unlock Creativity: you will discover that it’s buried in your teams – and how you can let it out

Achieve Agility: you will learn more about the role of fast-teams

Enhance Your Speed: you will discover how to better align to our faster future

Accelerate Innovation: you will find ways to rethink your strategic pipeline

Deliver on Growth Opportunities: you shift from reactive defense to disruptive offense

This leads to this observation:

Innovative organizations succeed by  mastering the pace of the new high-velocity economy. In a world of accelerating trends, they do this by understanding what it takes to align with fast emerging opportunities!

They can join in some good company:

Futurist and innovation expert Jim Carroll shares his critical lessons on achieving growth in an era of acceleration, with his  10 Rules for Aligning to Your Faster Future, Faster. Derived from Jim’s experience providing senior leadership guidance to over 2,000 organizations and 2 million people worldwide, the rules will provide you with the insight you need to align to an era of acceleration – valuable lessons from global innovation leaders.

You can be sure that I’ll be sharing some insight in posts to come on the ’10 Rules’ – after all, my client list has allowed me to observe what organizations are doing well, and not so well, on their path to ‘unlocking tomorrow.’

You will join the company of global leaders at Disney, Pfizer, Johnson and Johnson, BASF, Nikon, and hundreds more who have found that Jim’s crystal clear trends and innovation insight take them into a world in which the future belongs to those who are fast!

The takeaway for you? Other than a brief view into how I work to position myself in the global leadership insight marketplace, ask yourself the question: are you missing out on your potential by not knowing how to unlock the opportunities of tomorrow?

Food for thought!



THE FUTURE BELONGS TO THOSE WHO ARE FAST features the best of the insight from Jim Carroll’s blog, in which he
covers issues related to creativity, innovation and future trends.