KEYNOTE: The Acceleration of Artificial Intelligence and the Rise of the Robots – Promise and Peril in the Next Technological Transformation


The level of interest in my AI keynote presentation is nothing less than STAGGERING.

I’ve never seen the world so captivated by a technology, so enamored by its opportunities, but also so worried about its potential impact.

Organizations and associations are struggling to understand – what do we do now? I’m hitting a few groups in March with this keynote — making sense for them of what is really going on, cutting through the hype, making sense of the real potential, and also the downside risk.

I had a call with the CEO of one association about another upcoming keynote, and his mind took off once I started describing how I could dive into the topic within my keynote.

People want to know. Fortunately, I’ve been talking about this stuff for years .. that’s what futurists do.

And that’s why the keynote topic page on my site, “The Acceleration of Artificial Intelligence and the Rise of the Robots – Promise and Peril in the Next Technological Transformation” is getting so much interest.

It’s at

The Acceleration of Artificial Intelligence and the Rise of the Robots
Promise and Peril in the Next Technological Transformation!

Futurist Jim Carroll has established a global reputation for providing high-level strategic guidance worldwide to executive and association audiences on the implications of fast-moving, disruptive technologies. For 30 years, he has provided keynote presentations that have covered the current state of technology and its fast evolution; the strategic benefits and disruptive challenges that will come with its arrival; and the perils and problems that might occur along the way.

As artificial intelligence unfolds all around us in 2023, organizations are scrambling to understand what is happening, what to do about it, and the key elements of a strategic plan for moving forward. That’s where Futurist Jim Carroll comes in – you don’t just need technical-level guidance on what is unfolding – you also need guidance from a business perspective. That’s what he is delivering in this fast-paced, information-rich, and highly customized presentation on artificial intelligence.

The sudden and dramatic arrival of ChatGPT has caught the imagination of the world as we sense the arrival of new opportunities, at the same time that it has fueled a sense of concern and worry. We are now firmly in the era of the acceleration of artificial intelligence (“AI”) as seen with generative text technologies as well as image technologies like Stable Diffusion. But our complex new future is not just happening with AI – we are seeing the ‘rise of the robots,’ the maturity of industrial autonomous technologies, machine intelligence, and vision systems, digital twin and augmented reality technologies, the impact of the ‘sensor world,’ drones and more – it’s a brand new and fast-moving world!

There are a lot of fast-moving technologies – but making sense of what’s real and cutting through the hype to discover real opportunities within the trends is one of the most important things you can do! This is not a time to get caught up in ‘fast FOMO’ – ‘fear of missing out’ – nor is it a time to ignore the speed of what is occurring. There are significant implications to the sudden arrival of artificial intelligence and other trends, from very real business model disruption to unique legal and copyright issues, education, knowledge, and workforce skills challenges, as well as the emergence of disruptive new industry competitors and accelerated new product development and innovation opportunities. The scope of what these technologies represent is increasing because the pace of their evolution is now moving faster than fast.

In this highly customized keynote, prepared specifically for your company, industry, or association based on up-to-the-minute research, Jim will help you understand:

  • the challenges and opportunities behind these trends within your industry and organization
  • the disruptive impact on your business and operations or upon your industry or association members
  • the strategies you should be thinking about to align with the new realities they present
  • key strategic action plans designed to get your team moving forward
  • at the same time balanced by a realistic assessment of the timing of specific trends and how they will unfold

Futurist Jim Carroll will help you cut through the noise and the hype to understand what is really happening, and the critical nature of the important trends that you must pay attention to!



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