“The future belongs to those who adapt!” – Futurist Jim Carroll

I just put up a blog post with a video you should watch!

Adapting to Opportunity: 55 Things I Learned From 550+ Hours Invested in My Home Broadcast Studio Infrastructure!

The post features not just the information in its title, but a short clip that combines a keynote on stage in front of 1,000 combined with the same content delivered in front of my camera in my basement broadcast studio. I wanted to demonstrate to a client that I’ve mastered the ability of bringing the energy to my online work that I brought to my stage performances.

The world is not quite ready for a message of leadership, the future and trends , but when it will be, I will be waiting.

As I note in the introduction to the post:

By March 1, I knew my world was forever changing, and that online broadcasting was going to be my reality for a long period of time. Boom! That happened – and so while the world was melting down and panic was setting in, I was busy building out my already existing home broadcast studio, ramping up its sophistication.

I’ve added multiple camera angles, a new “Studio 2”, and wonderful special effects that let me surpass the ability of any online speaker in the world today. To celebrate the countless hours I’ve put in – which I add up to some 550 hours of building, testing, broadcasting, going live, demoing, and doing actual client events – I cut together a video that mixes a clip from my ‘old world’ on stage with my ‘new world’ online.

I’ve spent A LOT of time in learning how to master this new format. I know I will never stop learning, but I’m pleased with my progress; excited by the potential; and dazzled by the opportunities.

I’ve adapted to our new world. Have you?



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