“Optimism. It’s your fuel for your future!” – Futurist Jim Carroll

I have a good friend who accuses me having relentless optimism at the best of times. He’s a skeptic on so many fronts & I always work to bring him back from the edge of his pessimism.

And so here we are today!

What choice do we have but to remain hopeful? What’s the alternative? Wallowing in self-induced, obsessive misery?

We all know that we are in unprecedented territory with Covid-19. If you want to cut through the noise & really understand what we need to do, look up the phrase “Flatten the Curve.”

That’s all the insight you need right there! Our only option is to try to slow its relentless advance in order to try to reduce the forthcoming demand on an already fragile healthcare system.

And that simple concept brings us optimism.

The economy is hurting – yes, it will get worse before it gets better. In a response on this issue on Twitter yesterday as to when we might see a recession, I wrote:

“Uh, it’s already in recession. We just don’t have the numbers yet. Also, the next wave – layoffs, downsizing, failures, shutdowns – have not yet begun. We’re at early days yet, even as we are about to hit the curve of strain on healthcare.”

So with all this going on, what is the basis for optimism?

Ideas, science, innovation, disruption, big thinkers, global collaborative thinking! It’s all there. Plenty of big ideas and big companies were launched in the midst of economic uncertainty.

One of the most fascinating trends that I’m watching is the global collaborative medical, science and epidemiology hive-mind work the collaborative Internet to try to figure out a pathway for this ‘thing.’

I’m seeing extremely fast genomic science as they sequence the virus to discover concepts; the rapid sharing on insight into methods of treatment and who is at risk; fast collaboration on how to do “parking lot tent-diagnosis.”

One day in the future, we will look back and see that healthcare forever changed – & that is right now. It’s a marvel to see in acton in real-time!

That and so much more is the foundation for my optimism.

What’s yours?


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