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World class innovators *obsess* over speed!

Enough said.

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One Response to “World class innovators *obsess* over speed!”

  1. Sergio said:

    As someone who has been responsible for translating innovation into corporate strategies and ultimately new product and, I believe it would be of great service to your reader base to qualify what you really mean by speed.

    Speed without purpose does nothing in today’s world. As an evangelist for user centered design, design thinking and their importance to innovation management, my mantra has been to “Iterate fast, with purpose”. The second part of the statement is key – you need to move fast, but be vigilant and learn the right things from each turn of the crank.

    Too often, execs take your message and don’t enforce the necessary shift in thinking and processes so that speed happens without the crucial learning that needs to happen in parallel. Eric Ries very eloquently talks about “innovation accounting”.


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