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Trend: Could the Energy Industry be “MP3’d?”

If anything, the year 2015 is going to be the year of ‘continuous business model disruption.’ It’s happening everywhere.

The CEO of a major US energy company hired me to do a video that he would use on stage as part of the opening of a big energy conference. Here’s the result — could the energy industry be MP3’d, as consumers and mobile technology redefine the essence of the industry.

Think about the video in the context of literally any other industry, and you can see the same trends unfolding.

The video is a a provocative little film clip that I filmed with TAG Productions in San Francisco in August — we took a half day to shoot and get some basic material down, and then they worked their magic to make a magical video!

But the video does pose some tough questions. Every industry today is subject to dramatic transformation, disruption and significant change.

Could your industry me Mp3’d as well? It’s a valid question!

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