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10 Great Innovation Phrases!

Here’s a quick little list that I used in the summary of a recent client keynote. Enjoy!

  • hand pushing innovation button on a touch screen interfacemove forward: adopt the mindset that you aren’t going to fix the problems of he future by doing what you’ve done in the past.
  • be realistic : stop looking for home runs: set goals that can be met
  • step up your game : is your risk culture inappropriate for a fast paced economy?
  • don’t copycat: What works for Apple won’t necessarily work for everyone!
  • don’t cut your losses: convert your losses
  • look around: see the world through a different lens
  • make play: turn boredom into creativity
  • challenge habit: where are your assumptions wrong?
  • jump and shout: celebrate small wins
  • always accelerate: avoid the stall points

Last but not least, avoid “momentum failure“: when the momentum that is necessary to innovate is clear, but nothing happens because a decision cannot be made.

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