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Gracious, kind, and just plain happy!

I had the opportunity to meet, and briefly chat with Steve Wozniak yesterday.

You might understand that in my job, in which I’m opening and closing conferences all over the place, that I meet a lot of people. I certainly do!

But this was a personal thrill. I started out in the world of technology in 1982, with a Radio Shack Model III computer. It had 64k of memory, and a 128K disk drive. The Apple I and the Apple II were still to come a few years later.

I watched it all unfold as I found my life and career immersed into the world of technology. (The astute observers among you will note I am wearing my Slashdot shirt. If you don’t understand that, don’t worry. Others will!)

I must say about what I saw yesterday — Steve Wozniak chatted with as many people as he could. He shook hands. He posed for pictures. He smiled an incessant smile. He just told stories with enthusiasm and passion.

What a wonderful fellow. The world would do well with more like him!

Thanks Steve!

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