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Announcing the release of Learning In Thin Air!

Learning in Thin Air follow Scott Kress’ journey from his first moves on the rock face to the top of the world!

I am just so absolutely proud of my wife Christa, and equally as proud of my good friend Scott!

Today marks the availability of Learning in Thin Air by Scott Kress.

Christa has worked relentlessly as the editor, designer AND publisher for the book of our good friend, Scott Kress, over the last six months. She designed the cover, the inside layout, the entire thing from start to finish … with help from our son Willie, who did a ton of Photoshop work on the inside of the book. An amazing project!

And it’s a pretty amazing book, retelling the story of Scott’s remarkable adventure summiting Everest, and his 20 year journey as a mountain climber (many other peaks) and how this evolved into him becoming a business / leadership expert at Rotman, the University of Edinburgh and more.

Consider grabbing a copy! This is the second unique book released by our publishing arm, Oblio Press!

We previously published The Tiniest Warrior of all for our good friend Nicola JD Maher, a specialty book written for children who have a premature sibling. We undertook that book way back in  2005.

Oblio Press is out publishing arm, and also brought to print my own books, The Future Belongs To Those Who Are Fast, Ready Set Done: How to Innovate When Faster is the New Fast, and What I Learned from Frogs in Texas.

I’d encourage you to purchase a copy of Scott’s book ASAP — you’ll find it to be a compelling and fascinating read

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