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Check out this bike — check out my smile!

Two days, 215km (145 miles), pounding rain and sweltering heat - but I did it -- my bike and I at the base of Niagara Falls! There is still time to make a donation to this important fundraising cause!

I just successfully finished the 2012 200KM Ride to Conquer Cancer, from Toronto to Niagara Falls. It turned out to be a 109K first day, and 106k on the second day. (For my American friends, that’s about 145 miles … two wheels, two legs, and lots of enthusiasm!)

Yesterday over 4,800 people rode in this groundbreaking fundraiser – through buckets of rain. The first leg took me an unimpressive 5 hours. But today started at 7am, with sweltering heat — but I managed to pull in a pretty impressive 4 hours and 4 minute ride!

Not bad for a 53 year old guy who used to smoke — but quit over 25 years ago at the urging of his wife, Christa. At one poignant moment early in the relationship, she stated: “It’s either me or the cigarettes.” I quit cold turkey. The smartest this I ever did – quitting and choosing her! Otherwise I might just be another grim cancer statistic.

This is a fascinating event in just so many ways. I take tremendous pride in being able to do a ride like this at the age of 53. It is a life-changing experience to ride next to folks — denoted by the yellow flags attached to their bikes – who have survived a bout with cancer.

And it’s timely. Right now, I’m right in the middle of doing a number of keynotes around the theme of ‘the future of wellness, health and fitness.” I’ll be blogging on that this week — but let’s just say, what a way to link what I talk about with what I do! I’ve been on a BIG personal fitness kick through the last year, and I can tell you the ride was a heck of a lot easier this year.

The funds from the Ride to Conquer Cancer go directly to the Princess Margaret Hospital cancer foundation, one of the top 5 cancerresearch centres in the world. There couldn’t’ be a more worthy cause.

My sponsors!

These are the awesome people who  sponsored my ride through a donation to the Princess Margaret Hospital. They are the heroes of the ride. (Presented in order of donation, newest donations first.)

I am still short of my goal, so if you would like to make a donation, visit


  • Steve Potocny, a neighbor and great golf buddy!
  • Max Kazman, my very unique brother in law
  • Mark Davis, a ski friend
  • Colin Thompson, another ski friend
  • Keith Croucher — a pal from University over 30 years ago.
  • the good folks at Goodman Speakers Bureau – who had booked me into the series of keynotes on health, wellness and fitness
  • Kevin Campbell, a ski friend
  • John Langhorne and his family – another ski friend
  • Laura Boland and family — yup, ski friends
  • Peter Smith – you guessed it a ski friend
  • Rob Sykes, a friend of 25+ years
  • John Gardner – he visited my Web site, looking for some info. I found it for him, and he made a donation!
  • Mark Jeftovice, CEO of easyDNS and long time friend
  • Greg McKenzie — golf buddy – he put up with my golfing at Troon in Arizona
  • Scott Kress, Mt. Everest climber and very good friend
  • Peter Berczi – another ski buddy, who put up with my skiing while out in Aspen this year
  • Mary Joy Aitken – a donation from a Twitter follower! (who wrote that it was a very important cause.

Thank you to all!

Tomorrow I head to New Orleans, where I will keynote the International Dairy, Deli and Bakery Association. One of the key themes — fitness, health, and wellness!

Paula Dean and Sarah Palin are also speaking at the conference — I think my message will be different from theirs! And here’s lot’s of fun – I’m followed on stage by Terry Bradshaw….

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  1. keynote speaker said:

    Well done what an amazing accomplishment! I have a friend who is riding from England to India at the moment


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