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What’s hot? Search phrases for January 4, 2011

Here’s another week of unique insight from my blog tracking tool, ReInvigorate, that links the search phrases that people used to find a page on my site.

It’s a useful way to see what people are thinking about, and to also access some nuggets from the hundreds of blog posts that I’ve written through the years.

I started running this report weekly starting in early December. You can read these earlier posts with the “What’s Hot” tag on my site.

  • computational analytics” led to a blog post “Computational Analytics is Another New Plastic“; in this case, the blog post was a summary from a presentation to insurance industry executives commenting that “we will see the emergence of “location intelligence dashboards” that will allow such professionals, to examine in real time, the emergence of new risk factors in their industry.”
  • be future ready” led to a blog post, “How future ready is your organization?”. It’s a good checklist to peruse if you think you aren’t keeping up with fast paced change.
  • 1950’s brands” led to my post, “Playboy, innovation and brands from the 1950’s”, which I think is a great little post that summarizes the unique issues surrounding the longevity of brands today, particularly with the impact of social network technology.
  • economy grief” led to the post, “The 7 Stages of Economic Grief – When Do You Innovate?“. I wrote this in October 2008 at the height of the economic meltdown. Personally, I think that there are still too many people out there who are in the “anger” and “denial” stages, and this continues to hold back economic recovery
  • brand authenticity” took the searcher to a video clip about the impact of social networking on brands
  • jobs of the future 2015″ leads to “Goods jobs in bad times“, which summarizes an interview that PBS did with me about new jobs emerging in the future.
  • innovation in the jewelery industry” led the visitor to some of the insight that I shared for my keynote for the 2008 Manufacturing Jewelers and Suppliers of America Expo and Conference in New York City, with the theme of “how do you compete after your world goes flat?“. Read the post “Innovating in a flat world – the Jewelry Industry
  • top 10 phrases of 2010” led to “10 phrases to think about for 2010“, which includes experiential capital, momentum management, chameleon revenue and other phrases that will get your creative juices going
  • financial mashup” – I was kind of blown away that someone actually searched for this phrase, as it led to an obscure little article I wrote, “Are you ready for financial mashup widgets?” Some interesting food for thought here!
  • live interactive polling” led to “Text message polling on stage.” This tells the early story of a unique way that I interact with my audiences, whether it’s 100 people or several thousand. on how I incorporate this into my keynotes can be found here.

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