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What’s hot? Search phrases for Dec 6, 2010

A semi-regular report of search phrases on

A few weeks ago, I began using the Reinvigorate.Net simple, real time web analytics & heatmaps” service on  my Website.

I thought it might be of interest to put in perspective, on a weekly basis, some of the things that people have been discovering on my site. With over 1,100 blog posts full of insight and content, there’s a lot of information in there!

So here’s the 2nd version of ‘search phrases’ that people were using this week — and the Web page on my site that the search engine directed them to.

Listed first is the search phrase; next is the page that they ended upon at my site.

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  1. Andrew Hall said:

    Jim, I found your site and started following your work a few weeks ago and I just want to say you’ve helped me see things in a more positive light. I voted for you over at and I’m following you at Really looking forward to reading about your discussion with NASA when it’s published. Thanks for your great work


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