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Innovators aren't afraid to ask tough questions!


In fact, the realities are that not only are innovative people unafraid to ask questions, they aren’t afraid to:

  • ask the tough questions
  • act on the answers to those tough questions!
  • ask questions that make people uncomfortable
  • challenge others to ask tough questions
  • ask why it has become acceptable to not ask questions!
  • ask questions that challenge fundamental assumptions
  • ask questions that show their complete lack of knowledge about something — which is ok
  • ask questions that might make their boss unhappy
  • indicate that while they don’t know the answer to the tough questions, they’re prepared to find out
  • suggest that maybe there have now been too many questions, and now something simply must be done in order to move forward

What’s the key to this line of thinking?

Organizations can become too comfortable with routine, and unless this is challenged on a regular basis, complacency becomes a killer.

By constantly putting a whole bunch of tough questions on the table, innovators can ensure that innovation paralysis does not set in.

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  1. Alex White said:

    Dear Sir/Madam
    I am a year 10 ict student and i wish to use your picture of a man standing next to a question mark below for my corse work

    many thanks Alex White

  2. Jim said:

    Hi Alex,
    I bought the right to use the image over at That’s usually what I do to get a high quality image like that; folks who design them like to be compensated. On the other hand, there are many ways for you to take a screenshot of the image in order to use it, and I don’t think the creator would get upset with a student doing that….


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