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Followup to BCAMA conference – Keynote feedback!

2009BCAMA.pngSome very nice feedback from my keynote for the BC American Marketing Association Big Ideas conference last week; my theme was “Moving Beyond the Meltdown: Aligning Yourself for Growth Through Innovation.”

Susan Kirk blogged about it in her summary, noting:

Futurist Jim Carroll started his presentation with a cool text/sms poll (poll everwhere) asking the audience when they think the economic recovery will happen. No surprise the majority said 1-2 years. He’s a great speaker and talked about innovation and the necessity for a relentless focus on growth and continuous improvement. Here’s a quote from his website:

“Forget about the concept of innovation as simply involving the design of cool new products. In the high-velocity economy, where faster is the new fast, it’s your ability to adapt, change, and evolve, through a constant flood of new ideas, that will define your potential for success.” (From the opening chapter of Jim’s newest book, Ready, Set, Done: How to Innovate When Faster is the New Fast) /keynotes.htm

There’s a very interesting blog post by Michelle Evans over at her blog, “im.seeking.balance” — she summarizes the key points of every speaker at the conference in a very comprehensive summary.

Her summary comment from that page on my presentation:

I loved this session. Even thought the key take-aways seem quite simple, it was a very inspiring presentation. It made me feel like I’m on the right track with my goals and philosophies. So here’s what I got from this: Now is the time to innovate. Evolve your brand. Move towards mobile. Connect. Engage. Try new things. Keep learning and changing.

It’s always tremendously refreshing to see feedback like this; I went out on stage with a tremendous amount of enthusiasm, determined to build a positive message for people who are looking for inspiration in these difficult economic times. With feedback like this — and with comments made in the #bcama Twitter stream, it proved to be a great success!

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