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100 Days of Innovation – #5 – Form Fast Teams

100Days5.jpgOver the last few weeks, I’ve had a variety of conference calls with CEO’s or senior executives for a variety of clients in the retail, food, industrial manufacturing and consumer product industries.

All of these calls have been related to upcoming keynotes. For example, in May, I’ll be the opening keynote speaker for 3,500 people for a massive global food company in Las Vegas.

The sentiment that comes through from many of these calls is that “the organization needs to move faster” in adapting to rapid market, consumer, brand and competitive change. They realize that in order to do that, they need to change how their organization can scale, collaborate, and share insight on trends, opportunities, challenges and threats.

There’s a critical innovation tip there. Innovative organizations EXCEL at forming fast teams. They’ve realized that their future success comes from scaling — scaling means pulling together key skills at an instant to tackle a new issue. Executing scale is critical — indeed, this is likely a critical success factor for all organizations in the future.

There are still many organizations out there who don’t have this capability. They’re based on decades of hierarchical structure; they’ve been slow and ponderous in their ability to deal with a world in which faster is the new fast. Yet they now know, given the speed of change within the last six months, that the concept of corporate agility is critical, and that increasing, agility is defined by the ability to form fast teams.

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