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Setting the table: rapid consumer trends in the food industry


We’re witnessing hyper-innovation with packaging, design, in-store promotion, new product introductions, rapid change with branding, and perhaps most important, a massive and permanent shift of advertising and influence dollars from traditional media to the online world.

These are all themes that I will be exploring later in the month, when I provide my insight for the Food & Entertaining Division of Readers Digest, the group behind AllRecipes.com, and the magazine Every Day with Rachel Ray, among other properties, at an invitation only event in New York City.

Also sharing their insight during the Symposium will be Phil Lempert, who specializes in providing deep insight into supermarket trends, and Katie-Lee Joel, Top Chef judge and author of the book The Comfort Table.

A few years ago, I dug out the statistic that the typical shopper is so attention challenged that they are scanning some twelve feet of shelf space per second. That was a few years ago : today, their decisions on what to buy and what to eat are influenced by social networks, mobile messages, cutting-edge in-store display technology, and many other trends.

Food companies and packaging companies need to understand the rapidity and depth of the trends that are occurring — and that’s why Readers Digest chose to bring my “high-velocity change” message to the table.

It should be a fun day!

  • view the invite for Setting thee Table : Consumer Trends, insights and opportunities for food and packaged goods marketers

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