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Branding, marketing, and manufacturing 2.0

From a variety of keynotes through the last few weeks, here’s what we’ve got to deal with.

The consumer of today is:

  • time challenged
  • attention starved
  • jumpy & fast with product perceptions
  • edgy and vocal when operational excellence is not provided or perceived
  • influenced differently in terms of brand / product / service choice
  • more vocal when they’ve been “wronged”
  • faster in adopting new trends and ideas

As a result of this, today’s new product is:

  • faster to market
  • more collaborative in design
  • solutions oriented, responding to the fast consumer
  • rapidly redefined by the customer
  • having to maintain a brand image that is energized and up-to-date

    Combine these two trends, and it means that todays’ new branding and advertising must be:

    • more transformational
    • revived and rejuvenated on a more regular basis
    • lifestyle oriented
    • experimental
    • shifting it’s focus online
    • changing faster in terms of message
    • going premium and upscale, to avoid commoditization

    The key things to think about when dealing with these new realities is:

    • focus on the opportunity that comes from such rapid change, not the threat
    • don’t panic at the pace
    • focus on the value of your product or service
    • collaborate with your partners (i.e. packaging companies, retailers, consumer goods companies)
    • invest in experiential capital by trying out lots of new ideas
    • understand that the pace of change is only going to increase
    • transition your team to think differently — innovate!

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