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After flat? Rethink strategies and go post-flat!

As some economies continue to experience rounds of volatility, there are still plenty trying to figure out what to do next. And there are a many who are focused on the theme of “what do we do after the world has gone flat?”

In the “post-flat” world, you need to change your focus. In an upcoming keynote, I’ll be concentrating on several core themes:

  • focus on growth – shift your focus to opportunity rather than cost based competition
  • think “market transformation” – don’t tinker with strategy; you’ve got to be willing to shift assumptions, habits, routine
  • refuse to compete on price – change the rules by recreating value in your product or service
  • make big bets – whether it’s infrastructure, sales force, distribution network: you’ve got to be willing to spend to transition
  • think international – local markets are small markets; the global economy is well within reach for any organization today.
  • think velocity – One of my most often used quotes when on stage comes from Rupert Murdoch: “”The world is changing very fast. Big will not beat small anymore. It will be the fast beating the slow.””

There are three good blog posts in which I looked at this topic; an increasing number of keynote and workshop inquiries are coming from executives who want to help their organizations go “post-flat.”

  • What do you do after the world gets flat? Put a ripple in it!
  • Innovating in a flat world
  • The new face of manufacturing : agility, insight and execution……



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