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The Masters in Business Innovation


Years ago, I wrote of the need for a new type of business degree: a Masters in Business Imagination. I’ve also called it a Masters in Business Innovation.

I wrote an article around the theme, and it remains one of the most heavily trafficked pages on my site. I’ve wrapped it up in a PDF : feel free to read it, share it, distribute it, and encourage people to think about it.

It opens with these observations: “COMPLACENCY In a time of rapid, disruptive change can be a death sentence – not only for organizations, but for the careers and skills of those who work there!

It’s time to abandon the thinking that has had you anchored firmly to the past – and to shift your focus to the future, with enthusiasm, motivation andimagination.

You can do this by abandoning any pretense that the skills of yesterday will be important tomorrow. Figuratively and literally, it is time to move beyond the thinking that has led us to a world of MBA’s – Masters of Business Administration – and focus upon the critical skill that will take you into tomorrow.

The world doesn’t need more administrators. It needs more MBI’s – Masters of Business Imagination!

  • Access The Masters of Business Imagination PDF

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