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Article – "Are we thinking fast enough?"

broadbandlibrary.jpgAfter my keynote for the Society of Cable Telecom Engineers, I was asked to provide a guest column for the prestigious Broadband Library.

I open the article with the line: “If there are three key words that should carry broadband organizations and the people within them into the future, it is these: agility, innovation and execution.”

I then focus on the major trends impacting companies today, including hyperinnovation: “Innovation has moved from the corporate to the collective, a trend that is causing absolutely furious rates of discovery. Fifteen years ago, the exchange of new ideas, research and scientific advance in the world of cable, technology and telecom occurred at a rather leisurely pace, through conferences, journals and publications. Today, we find ourselves in the midst of a global infinite idea loop, in which new ideas, inventions and innovations are shared faster than ever before in countless numbers of online forums, discussions, blogs and other collaborative efforts. The pace of R&D and discovery has forever changed at this global collaborative network, as has an eternal discussion about what comes next. The result is that no one can hope to define the future anymore — the best you can do is simply to plug into the future that is being developed all around you, and learn how to profit from it.”

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