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Winding down for the summer

It’s been a hectic many weeks, with a huge number of events:

  • a keynote for the head office of Daimler Chrysler in Auburn Hills, Michigan, to help kick off their strategic planning session
  • an address to the annual sales meeting for Playtex on key outdoor trends
  • a keynote for the Equipment Leasing Association conference in San Diego
  • a web conference for Microsoft for small business executives on future trends and corporate agility
  • a half day working session with MDS Nordion, a global leader in medical equipment, on future health care trends
  • a keynote for the Ontario Government Executive Dialogue, for senior management, on key global trends and the impact on the delivery of government services
  • a dinner keynote for the annual sales meeting for Parker Hannifin

It’s been busy! I’ve got two events this week, two in the summer, and then pretty well wind down until the fall. Upcoming?

  • a keynote for the Government Finance Oficers Association in San Antonio, Texas
  • opening a Pennsylvania technical education conference
  • opening the Canadian Chartered Business Valuators Conference
  • and a keynote for the Farm Credit Cooperative organization in Orlando.

Posting here will likely be few and far between.

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