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Traditional offices — Boring as sin!

I’m quoted in the Edmonton Journal today in an article about an innovative, new, cooperative office space. No link to the full article yet, but I’m working on it.

Jim Carroll, a futurist, agrees that workplace co-operatives like Digital North are a trend likely to continue. “Young people in particular don’t want to work in the big, standard, cubicle-based world. They had their taste of cool office spaces during the dot-com years and they don’t want to go back.”

While executive suites, mobile offices and rent-an-office have been around for years, they are “boring as sin,” says Carroll. These spaces lack character and the ability to individualize to your needs and tastes.

Of course, my situation is unique, having worked in a home office for 14 years.

See also my 10 Rules for Working at Home.

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