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The lengths they'll go to…..

Spammers and net-con-artists try to get more sophisticated all the time. I received this message today


From: “Richard Glicksman”
Date: Wed, 15, Oct 2003 09:06:44 -0700
Subject: Information Request
MIME-Version: 1.0

I have a significant number of clients, some of who are looking for a motivational speaker online. My job is to direct these folds to a single web site that is relevant. Your site looks like it may fit the mold.

If you can help us, then please contact me. Thank you in advance. I can be reached at the number below.

Best Regards,
Richard Glicksman
714-639-2863 ext 243

Seems like a normal message, but my smell-test went off — it doesn’t seem quite right. And a simple search of the phone number on Google reveals all:

From: “Holly Smith”
To: cygwin at sources dot redhat dot com
Date: Wed, 27, Aug 2003 09:49:48 -0700
Subject: Information Request


I have a significant number of clients who are searching online for Boat Covers. I am looking to find for my clients a single source online for this information.
If you can help my clients, then please contact me by phone. I can be reached at the number below.

Best Regards,
Holly Smith
714-639-2863 ext 228

So I wrote back to my ‘pal Richard:

To: “Richard Glicksman”
Subject: Re: Information Request
MIME-Version: 1.0
Date: Wed, 15 Oct 2003 12:17:56 -0400

Gee, Richard, it seems you folks also have a lot of people looking for boat covers online.

If you are going to spam people, you might at least try to change your phone number so we can’t so easily see through your requests…


p.s. Give my regards to Holly!

NetDirect is just one of those firms playing up an Internet keyword scam. They’re slime, and you would do well to steer clear of them.

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