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Ten years of change


Ten years ago today, I was approached by a major publisher, asking if I could write a book about the Internet and the online world. By all means — I’d already been online for 12 years by that point in 1993. So began the rocket-ride of the 90’s, a decade in which I authored/co-authored 34 books, eventually selling 750,000+ copies in 4 countries.

Things move on.

Today, I’ve concluded in my mind the outline for my newest work, which I will title, “What I Learned From Frogs in Texas.” The book will capture my thoughts on issues of change, motivation, innovation, consumer and lifestyle trends, and business strategy issues — all of the things that I am talking about in many events today. The book will take a look at how a world of constant change is leading to opportunity for those who embrace it, and challenge to those who do not.

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