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HP ScanJet 5500c issue appears resolved

And based on this, I’d highly recommend the product to anyone.

Early indications are that the patch HP sent me yesterday for my ScanJet 5500cproblems resolves the issue.

I haven’t been terribly diplomatic in the way I approached this issue as you can see by my Weblog postings. On the other hand, I believe that if a product is released, it should work as described. The problem I encountered made the machine somewhat unusable.

Yet this fix — and it appears to have solved the problem so far though I’ll hold my breath — will make me an enthusiastic, raving supporter of the HP 5500C. If you are considering buying one, and have stumbled across my Weblog entries as a result of your search, my advice is this — buy this machine. It’s good, it works, and there is none other like it. Just make sure you get the right software patch once HP releases it generally.

I currently have 9,000 digital photos on a home server; using the scanner, I’ll digitize over 10,000 more. The photos are played throughout the home as a screensaver, and/or slideshow using ThumbsPlus. It makes for a fascinating way to revisit your memory….

Hats off to HP for responding diligently to seeing this through and responding.

But the key thing is, they shouldn’t have released this product with this easily identifiable problem in the first place. The industry really needs to pull up its socks.

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