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Pay up — £0.00 — now or suffer the consequences

I have never known this to happen before.” So said a banking representative. Looks like events from the 70’s as described in my book Surviving the Information Age continue with us still.

In my book, I outlined how many current baby boomers struggle with change as a result of being exposed to the dark underside of technology through the 70’s — and told many wonderful stories of people receiving horrifically incorrect bills, including many situations involving bills for $0.00. Looks like the past is with us still, as found in this story from the Register.

WHEN LUTON RESIDENT Alex Hough received a bill for his telephone and Internet services from NTL demanding £0.00, he quite reasonably ignored it.
But when a reminder tipped up saying NTL did not “appear to have received your payment of £0.00 for the above account,” he thought he’d better ring them up. He was warned, after all, that he might be “subject to a restoration of service charge” if any of his services were “affected due to late payment

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