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"Innovation in schools" keynote

It’s been confirmed that I will be keynoting the Network of Innovative Schools conference in Calgary, AB in October.

My approach to the issue of innovation in education today? In a matter of but a few years, we’ve got from euphoria to gloom when it comes to innovation in the educational sector.

Consider how quickly things have changed — in the 1990’s, many educators came to see a blossoming in the potential for innovative learning methods, online collaboration and new methods of school and education management. Yet, with the spectacular collapse of the era, the lingering technology meltdown and general economic uncertainty, it now seems that innovation in the education sector has come to a screeching halt – particularly when it comes to technology. Skeptics who in the past have decried the role of technology in education have found a new resonance to their voice, once again encouraging doubt and sowing seeds of discontent in the minds of many.

That’s where my keynote will come in. I believe that teachers need to eawaken themselves for a renaissance of innovation. I believe that educators must bring back the courage to innovate on a day to day basis. In exploring new methods for collaboration as a unique method of dealing with an educational and business world that becomes more complex by the day. Examining methods of providing students with knowledge assessment skills, so they can learn how to cope in the data-swamp in which they are enveloped. A continual examination of leading edge technologies and their role in education, such as Weblogs, wirelesss technologies and personal knowledge archives. Methods of fostering a successful whole-school change program through innovative use of technology and an innovative mindset.

I’ll also take a look at how successful educators are removing the background noise lingering from the 90’s, and are continuing to charge ahead with exploring the potential for new methods of learning, teaching and managing, in a world in which the future continues to rush at us with dizzying speed……

Should be fun!

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