It costs 12 cents to send a trillion bits of information today – in 1970, $150,000

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"We're Witnessing the Destruction of Corporate Value"

I’ve just put together an outline of a keynote presentation I’ll provide to corproations and associations eager to understand what the heck is going on with all these security and privacy challenges.

Hackers, Crackers and Crashes : What Companies Must Do to Master Today’s Security and Privacy Challenges” takes a look at how actual corporate value is being destroyed as a result of inadequate oversight of key business network and infrastructure issues. Concerns related to security and privacy are no longer something that can be dismissed out of hand as “something that happens to everyone else” — it is obvious now that every type of organization is being affected. The result? This is now a critical business issue that must be dealt with by the CEO, senior management and the Board of Directors. They must be prepared to ask themselves this question: Are we doing everything necessary to protect our corporate value in an era in which one seemingly small technology problem can spiral out of

Take a look at the Acrobat page for more information. [ adobe.gif brochure ]

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