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“one estimate indicates that the average person in North America now spends almost six months of their entire life, stuck in a traffic jam….”

Here I am again at the desk by 5:30AM. The funny thing is that I’ve had 5 days of 5:30am starts. That’s hitting 100%.

It seems that most weeks, 100% is now the norm — my body clock has adjusted to this time (which of course makes for a challenge when I have a speech on the west coast, since I’m wide awake at 2:30AM).

Of course, I can’t complain, since I’ve quit each day by 2:30 or 3 in order to head to the gym. I used to feel guilty about quitting so early, but if I don’t hit the gym I’m crabby and flabby — and I’ve realized by that point, I’ve already had a 9 hour day, so what’s the point? Plus too, I get to hang out with my kids when they get home from school — mental balance is a big part of the career, and that’s where timeshifting is leading to an improvement in the basic family unit.

What I’ve done is I’ve timeshifted my life. Over the last twelve years of working at home, I’ve dramatically changed my schedule so that it is no longer the 8-5 norm — I can’t even think of the last time that I’ve had a “normal” day. There is no normal anymore — by permitting people to work anywhere at any time, technology has redefined “normal.”

Timeshifting is a phrase usually applied to television — i.e. you watch a when you want to on your VCR or PVR.

But increasingly, timeshifting is something that is occurring with jobs and careers. The fellow across the street has timeshifted his life — he has an investment firm, and used to the 9 to 5 commute. Now, he gets up early (I see his lights on too!), and works for a few hours in his home office till 9:15. Then he heads downtown, avoiding traffic. He heads home earlier, avoiding traffic. Result? He still works as much as he did before, but it is better quality time, more productive, and less wasteful by reducing the amount of time spent in traffic — a different sort of timeshifting, but part of the same trend. Plus too — he also gets to spend more time with his family.

Look around you, and you’ll notice countless numbers of people who have timeshifted.

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