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"In August, NeimanMarcus.com sold hundreds of Prada handbags"

“Two years after the dot-com bust, traditional retailers are quietly discovering the wonders of the Internet.”

In August, NeimanMarcus.com sold hundreds of Prada handbags and shoes within days of e-mailing customers about the fashion brand’s latest, coolest offerings.”

Great article in the San Diego Tribune, noting how traditional retailers are discovering that there is something to this Internet thing after all. Maybe the dot.com hangover is finally ending, and people are starting to realize that there is some business here.

Years ago, I was using an estimate in my keynotes that ten years out, we might see some 5% of total retail sales occur online. I was using that at the time to temper the outrageous enthusiasm and ridiculous expectations people were having about e-commerce.

Now, if you turn that around, you realize that 5% is a pretty big number — and there are sales to be had here.

Hey, you can even buy my latest book online! I haven’t given up on the ‘Net. [ link ]

Traditional retailers find online sales are clicking,” 11 November 2002, The San Diego Union-Tribune

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