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"…. finding anything in this 'Knowledge Resource' is nearly impossible"

The ugly reality of knowledge management hype – Lotus Advisor Magazine

I’m always fascinated by the disconnect that happens between the hype and the reality….take this article on “Knowledge Management” in Lotus Advisor Magazine. [ link ]

The author notes the disastrous results of an implementation: “After two years, this company has approximately 10,000 QuickPlaces with millions of documents that are inconsistently indexed, if at all. Most documents have no meaningful subject and simply contain one or more attachments. ”

He then goes on to note that “in most enterprises, the information technology department can’t drive significant process and cultural change.”

Very true. The only way to effect the cultural change to make knowledge management work is if the CEO and senior management are seen to drive the initiative, use the initiative, and support the initiative. This type of tool cuts across many departmental silos, involves issues that engender threat and fear (“giving up control of information = risk”) and thus will never work unless it is driven from the very top of the organization.

Having said that, is knowledge management a real business tool? Of course! Working in a small two person operation makes knowledge management far easier for me to implement! This morning, I archived a bunch more e-mail. My file now dates from August 1984 to today — some 179 megabytes of e-mail in 100,000+ messages. It’s all indexed using AskSam, and has become critical to the way I work around here. That’s because I get the value, it helps my business, and its easier for me to change corporate culture around here. [ AskSam ]

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