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E-government not suffering from the dot.com hangover…..

Yesterday was spent doing a workshop for a bunch of senior executives from various departments for a government body….on the broad theme of e-government. What is e-government? The best description that I’ve seen is that it is “…an electronic government framework that will result in an order of magnitude improvement in the governments’ value to the citizen…” That quote comes from a speech made by Sean O’Keefe – Deputy Director of the Office of Management and Budget for the United States Government.

It’s actually quite fascinating as you examine what is going on with government. While much of the corporate sector seems to be stuck in the hangover of the dot.com collapse, and have put most major business re-engineering efforts on the back burner, government everywhere is charging ahead doing stuff of real substance. I was blown away in dealing with one massive government organization — countless numbers of different departments covering hundreds of thousands of square miles and 10million+ people, with 40,000+ employees — working to migrate to a common financial system. Forget the silos, forget the politics of independent departments fighting for their turf — they recognize that technology demands of them a new way of organizing themselves in order to work better — and so they are doing.

Man, what the corporate sector could learn from government. We live in interesting times.

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