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Doing more with less…

An emerging “theme of the day”

Every morning I check through a variety of Web logs, newsclipping sources, and Web sites, seeking out information relative to the types of areas that I work on. Some of that makes its way into this weblog.

This morning, two stories on the same theme caught my eye. The first, over at CRM Daily (“Anatomy of a Skeleton Crew“) asks the question, “how can a company cut IT staff without doing more harm than good to its bottom line? What is the anatomy of a skeleton IT crew?”

The second article, over at Slashdot (“Fewer Employees + Same Work = Higher Productivity”) discusses a Time magazine article about the same theme.

Clearly, one of the key trends in this recession is the typical (and often needed) knee jerk reactions by companies of cutting costs through layoffs….with the resulting excess work alluded to in both of these articles. However, what is unsaid is that companies soon find that staffing levels aren’t adequate as some projects begin to fall off the rails. Since it remains culturally unacceptable to hire staff, companies instead go out and hire temporary staff and consultants to help them muddle through. That’s what we saw at the beginning of the 90’s — at the time, I coined the phrase “nomadic workers” to describe the impact on jobs and careers. I think we’re going to see the same type of thing begin to occur again.

[ CRMDaily article ] [ Slashdot article ]

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