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"…business-to-business, or B2B …. may as well be called 'back to basics today"

Good article in the Oil & Gas Journal Online on the status of e-commerce in the oil & gas industry today. [ link ] [ soapbox on ]

Observation: this article typifies what is going on in many industries.

While the vast majority of the population has concluded that “e-commerce is over” because online shopping never really took off, they’re missing the point.

There are countless successful implementations of technology out there that don’t involve business-to-consumer initiatives or B2B “e-marketplaces” (perhaps the most overhyped aspect of e-commerce.) Instead, they involve the type of thing you see in this article — the streamlining of business transactions within an industry in order to achieve cost savings. Better management. Remote monitoring.

Boring stuff to many, but real.

You don’t find articles like this in the mainstream press — by and large, newspapers are still focussed on the online-shopping-tech-meltdown angle like a deer staring at a headlight. If you want to discover where real e-commerce is happening, head to industry publications and journals.

Like this article, you’ll discover that it isn’t all just a dream — ebiz is real, it’s alive and well, and is transforming business to a huge degree.

It just doesn’t make for great headlines anymore….

[ soapbox off ]

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