We will see as much change in the next 20 years as we saw in the last 20,000!

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Blogs in conferences…..

It’s about to go mainstream…..

successmtgs.gif I just finished writing an article for Successful Meetings magazine, for the January 2003 issue. It takes a look at the technologies that will affect meetings and conferences in the next few years, of which the most significant will be wireless. But it also talks about Weblogs, noting that meeting planners are going to find that the instant-from-the-floor reporting will change conference dynamics. This is already happening throughout technology conferences — there are many such blogs already in existence.

But traditional meetings, and the meeting planners who run them, are also to be affected in the same way — so I suggest they’d better start understanding what is going on. I’m just building on information suggested in DaveNet some months back. [ link ]

This is a follow up article to one I did earlier in the year on how conferences would be affected by Sept. 11. (“Get Real,” Successful Meetings, Feb/02) [ link ]


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