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Is wireless real?

At this point the proof is in the pudding….

This week, I’m out west doing two keynotes for Telus Mobility — a wireless company — on the future of wireless and the business case of wireless. A key point I’ll be raising is that companies are investing — heavily — in wireless but they aren’t doing so with a cohesive corporate plan, strategy and management. The result is that their efforts are all over the place, and they had better start realizing they are creating quite a mess. Related to this is that in the last month, I’ve been able to use the Telus Velocity service — it’s their 1XRTT (as it is known) wireless data service. Plug a card into your laptop, flip the lid, press Connect — and you are online, from anywhere at any time. It actually works really, really well…..it has changed what I can do while on the road. [ link]


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