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Distribution channel angst

Adoption rates of new technologies are slow

I was down in Newport Beach, CA last week as well, doing a session for a financial services company. They’ve spent a lot of time building a sophisticated, Web based front end for their brokers to use …. but the uptake has been quite slow. This isn’t surprising — I’ve found this throughout almost every industry I deal with. Clearly, a lot of companies are doing the right things to build new strategic business applications, but they’ve got to do a lot more to implement the change. People are naturally resistant change, or as Ogden Nash said —
“progress is great, but its gone on far too long.”In this talk, I focussed on the issue of “confronting change” — walking the brokers through how the business world is changing, and how they can benefit from taking part. It’s an approach that works quite well. If you want the bumpf, here’s my brochure on it. (Adobe Acrobat format!) [ link ]

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