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Befuddled and betwixed

Boomers just can’t figure it out, can they?

I just got back in from an early morning flight after my speech last night. I was at Dorval Airport at 7:00am for a 7:30am flight….and went to use the express check-in kiosks.kiosk.jpg

Have you ever watched a typical baby boomer try and use one of these machines? It is quite fascinating and unbelievable — some stand there is rapt blankness as they try to figure out how to put their credit card in. Others marvel in their stunned silence as they try to figure out the menu prompts.

The fascinating thing is that most of these folks are travelling with laptops and palms and every other type of gadget….yet they still have a deep and mystical relationship with technology.

A point I always make when talking about this issue — it’s important to note that “we are the last generation in the history of mankind to not have grown up with computers since birth.” That fact shows itself in their relationship to a simple airport ticket kiosk.

p.s. I’m a boomer too. It’ just I’ve been using this stuff for twenty years.

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